Kofler Kafè. Lighting in a beautiful restaurant

With this article I present you a new interesting case history, concerning the lighting in a  beautiful restaurant located in Italy.

In 2008 Selene Illuminazione is chosen to provide the decorative lamps to a new place that would open shortly thereafter in Padua, not far of the historic center of the city, via Bronzetti.

The restaurant, built inside a large building once used as a warehouse, wants to propose a new concept for the Venetian city. 

It has a large area facing the road destined to coffee and aperitifs; a second large area, located behind it, destined to chic restaurant perfect for business lunch or informal dining; and finally a magnificent outdoor terrace where serving gourmet pizzas with high quality ingredients, well selected and sometimes unusual. The three areas integrate seamlessly with each other, giving to those who enter the feeling of being in the same room, even though easily guessing the zoning.

The architecture of the building, with its high ceilings, metal beams and large floor to ceiling windows, has been enhanced by choosing to decorate the room in an industrial loft style. The high walls, with exposed bricks, are flanked by a magnificent slate floor with copper nuances, laid in slabs, alternating with large areas of light wood. The furniture, made custom and bespoke, are made of solid metal and wood, complemented by sofas and chairs in light leather, with a final british effect.

The general lighting has been realized through technical lights: the numerous spotlights recessed in the floor trace an ideal light path, while spotlights positioned on cable and rail highlight the high ceiling and some focal points.

Decorative lighting, created by Selene Illuminazione, has been given the task of enhancing the style of the place. As well as the furniture, even the lamps are designed by the architect who projected the interiors.

The café counter and its tables are illuminated by spectacular chandeliers composed by a cylindrical structure made of powder-brown painted metal and a decorative truncated-cone lampshade in fireproof fabric with the same hue. Inside are mounted discharge lamps Mastercolour, the best to bring out the colors of the food.

In the dining area is installed the “light” version of the café chandeliers: large suspended lights with a brown cylindrical structure, within which is installed the same type of light.

Finally, to enhance the magnificent walls of the restaurant with exposed bricks, are produced two models of wall lamps, with a very original design.

Inspired to the medieval torches, one is composed of a body in completely painted glass on which was carried out just below the top edge, an incision from which filter the light with a really nice scenic effect. The second lamp has always a glass cone structure anthracite, in which the top of the blown glass remained white in color, allowing a well to project illuminating light, but not dazzling.

Both mounted fluorescent lamps with dimmer allowing light to skim the surface of the bricks pointing out their irregularities through a series of shadows, very beautiful to see.

The end result is to a place that, despite the large size, it is very cozy, warm and relaxing, which is very pleasant to chat or entertain for dinner.