Light is energy

Light is energy, not just a means to see and distinguish forms, but a real space creator.

It is since 1969 that Selène Illuminazione is committed every day to the creation of objects of light that not only furnish the indoor environments, but which create emotions to make unique your daily spaces. The peculiar glass tradition of the Venice district has been the starting point of our artisan products, handmade in our territory with the patience and care passed down from father to son. Our creations are centered on form and function: the entire process, from the idea's conception to the sketch on the paper until the implementation of the article, focuses on the special relationship that our lamps want to created between the light that has to be produced and the employed materials that surround and refract it, nothing is left to chance, but every element has been designed and carefully chosen to ensure your maximum possible well-being.

With love and patience, all the components of Selène Illuminazione's team try to give a deeper meaning to each collection and to each customer, carefully following all the needs and requirements in order to ensure the best quality and efficiency combination in a perspective tied to the past, but strongly oriented towards the future.

Each of you has a unique way of perceiving reality and we, with our lights, we wish to offer creative solutions for a special experience within the environment in which you live.