Filippo Mambretti

Filippo Mambretti was born in Como (Italy) in 1981.

He attended the Artistic High School B. Luini in Cantù, during his high school years he had the privilege of meeting Bruno Munari during a visit to the Clac of Cantù, which gave birth to his passion for the industrial and architectural design. He obtained a three-year degree in "Design per l’arredo" at the Politecnico in Milan and then a master's degree in "Furniture Design".

Lecturer and professional in the fields of product and interior design, winner of countless design awards, currently - in addition to working as a teacher at the Swiss Design and Applied Arts schools SSS_AA and CSIA - he directs the Mambrò Design Studio based in Chiasso since 2011, active both in Switzerland and throughout Europe, thanks to the close collaboration with various companies in all the design fields. His design thinking is aimed at morphological, technical and functional innovation, through the rediscovery and reinterpretation of the tradition in a contemporary key. He wants to think about the design as the possibility to connect the current society with consumer products, creating a bridge both aesthetic and perceptive with the objects that surround us and enrich our lives.

His vision of modern design is a calibrated fusion of aesthetics, function, technology and emotion.

To this day, Filippo Mambretti collaborates with numerous companies both nationally and internationally, known including: Giovannetti Collezioni, Infiniti, B-Line, Mogg, Deroma, Galimberti Nino, Gloook, Dearkids, Qvid, GAMA professional, Gruppo Sintesi, BBB Emme Bonacina, Designmood, Castelli 1877, Luci Italiane, Morosini, Evi Style, Minotti Italia, Veneta Cucine, D3co, Sforzin, Icons, Zava, Bijouets, Elementi by Caf.

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