Sandi Renko

Sandi Renko was born in Trieste in 1949. He completed his studies at the Nordio Art Institute; among his art maestro we can count Miela Reina, Enzo Cogno and Ugo Carà . He moved to Padua in the 70's and got involved with avant-garde art currents. He participated in collective art exhibitions, happenings and events of the moment, devoting himself mainly to programmed art and optical art. In the following years his attention was aimed at designing and industrial planning. He made a name for himself in the furniture and furniture accessory fields through his collaboration with several firms. At the same time he devoted himself to graphics and art direction, partaking in various design displays and cultural events. His works are the upshot of a course of action that began at the end of the 60's in the programmed art and optical art field. He uses simple undulated cardboard treated with acrylic colors as a work surface. Vertical lines, which can be read from several angles, give life to the images. The subjects, as happens in nature for that matter, become phenomena modulated from geometric structures which vary according to elementary schemes.

Collection Sandi Renko