Collection Wings - Refined and elegant

DESIGN Romani Saccani Architetti Associati

Several lengths hanging lamps collection, characterised by a thin and fine structure; each measure can be equipped in order to be mounted horizontally or vertically. The items are composed of three extra-clear white glass elements, while the frame is made with laser cut steel elements, white lacquered, all designed to give an appearance of lightness.

Hanging Lamp
Art. 600 V
Ø 12 cm - L 60 cm - H 150 cm max
1x24W - T5
Art. 601 V
Ø 12 cm - L 90 cm - H 180 cm max
1x39W - T5
Art. 602 V
Ø 12 cm - L 120 cm - H 210 cm max
1x54W - T5


Art. 600 V > Art. 601 V > Art. 602 V



Hanging Lamp