Collection Nest - Games of light

DESIGN Itea Group

Collection of hanging lamps in different sizes and heights (from one to three tiers), table lamp, wall lamp and floor lamp, all made of decorative laser cut steel elements, radial mounted in two rows, the innermost of which can be customized in different colours, including white, black, red and on request in many other pastel dyes.

Hanging Lamp

Art. 1016

Ø 28 cm - H 30 - H 150 cm max

3x70W ES - E27

Art. 1017

Ø 40 cm - H 30 cm - H 150 cm max

3x70W ES - E27


Art. 1016
Art. 1016 > Art. 1017


Hanging Lamp

Wall lamp

Table Lamp

Floor Lamp

Hanging lamp